Loving Jesus

Loving One Another

Loving our neighbors


Begun as a house church in 1999, New Southwest Baptist Church was started on the 1600 block of McHenry Street. Four weeks later, the church moved to the Christian Community Center on Hollins Street, where it remained for almost two years. In April of 1999, the church was approached about a building around the corner from Hollins Street. Within six months, the church was given the building, originally built in 1892. The previous owner, Southwest Baptist Church, was founded in the 1960’s but had ceased meeting. Rejoicing to see a biblical church back in the community, several Southwest Baptist members transferred their membership to New Southwest Baptist Church.

The church weathered many storms during its first eight years as the body of Christ, but through those difficulties, God has assembled a group of people who are now family to one another and are seeking to grow deeper together and preserve the unity they have in Jesus.

The church’s direction is clear, to obey the two greatest commandments and fulfill the Great Commission.
           We as a church are seeking to Love Jesus, Love One Another and Love Our Neighbors.  

We are learning to live by four questions:
               Who is God?                 Everything must start with Theology, the study of God
               What has He done?      God is revealed through Christology, the study of Christ
               Who are We?                Knowing God through Christ, we can understand Ecclesiology, the study of the Church
               What do we do?            As a community given identity by Christ, we implement Missiology, the study of Missions

our pastor:
Steven Fleck with his wife, Kerri